Sweet Recipes

Includes all sweet recipes.  See "Chocolate Recipes" tab above for a list of the following recipes that include chocolate.

Cakes (Layer, Loaf, and Everyday cakes)
Almond cake
Almond semolina cake
Almond sponge cake
Almost fudge gâteau
Angel food cake
Anniversary cake (or mini chocolate layer cake)
Banana-chocolate chiffon cake
Banana walnut cake
Basic coffee crumb cake
Battenberg cake
Blueberry buttermilk cake
Brooklyn blackout cake
Brown butter vanilla bean cake with chestnut cream filling
Brownie cake with ganache frosting
Buttermilk cake
Chestnut fondant
Chiffon cake
Chinese bakery style chestnut sponge cake
Chocolate-almond meringue torte
Chocolate almond torte
Chocolate amaretti cake
Chocolate cake with ganache frosting (also as a single-layer cake)
Chocolate-chestnut torte
Chocolate chiffon cake with cocoa cream filling
Chocolate chip cookie icebox cake
Chocolate cloud cake with cocoa whipped cream
Chocolate-coffee (or any flavor) ice cream cake
Chocolate gingerbread loaf cake
Chocolate-hazelnut Christmas cake
Chocolate-hazelnut meringue cake
Chocolate-hazelnut meringue torte
Chocolate Heaven cake
Chocolate magic cake
Chocolate marzipan scone loaf
Chocolate olive oil cake
Chocolate orbit cake
Chocolate peppermint patty cake
Chocolate quatre-quarts (mini chocolate loaf cakes)
Chocolate raspberry layer cake
Chocolate roll cake with mocha whipped cream
Chocolate snack cake
Cocoa marzipan loaf cake
Devil's Food cake
Everyday chocolate loaf cake
Flourless chocolate cake
Flourless chocolate-chestnut cream cake
Fluffy yellow cake with chocolate buttercream frosting (aka, Birthday Cake)
French yogurt cake with lemon
Fudgy chocolate chip yogurt cake
Gotham Bar & Grill's warm chocolate cake
Hazelnut cake with praline and chocolate buttercream
Hazelnut marble coffee cake
Hershey's chocolate cake
Hot milk sponge cake (with caramelized almond topping)
Ice cream "cake"
Last minute cake (lemony almond cake)
Lemon chiffon cake
Lemon yogurt loaf cake
Marble loaf cake
Maryland fudge cake
Matcha-almond roll cake with red bean cream filling
Matcha-almond sponge layer cake with cocoa cream filling
Mint chocolate chip cake
Orange cake
Orange chiffon cake
Orange yogurt loaf cake
Oreo mint-chocolate-chip ice cream cake
Pumpkin-chocolate chip loaf cake
Racines cake (flourless chocolate cake)
Raspberry buttermilk cake
Ribbon cake
Rustic hazelnut cake
Ruth Reichl's last-minute chocolate cake
Salted butter chocolate cake
Simple chocolate party cake
Strawberry buttermilk cake
Super moist chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting
Texas sheet cake
Three layer brownie (mint) ice cream cake
Three-layer pound cake
Tiramisu cake
Tri-color cookie cake
Triple chocolate loaf cakes
Two-tier pistachio-orange-chocolate cake
Vanilla layer cake with chocolate buttercream
Victoria sponge cake
Walnut olive oil cake
Warm chocolate pudding cake
Yellow cake with chocolate buttercream frosting
Zucchini-almond cake

Cupcakes, Tea Cakes, Mini Cakes
Almond-hazelnut cupcakes with ganache frosting
Almond peach shortcakes
Brownie cupcakes with peppermint filling
Basic chocolate cupcakes

Cashew financiers
Chestnut bouchons
Chestnut cream tea cakes
Chinese paper-wrapped sponge cakelettes
Chocolate bouchons
Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ganache frosting
Chocolate financiers
Chocolate Heaven cupcakes
Chocolate-spice cupcakes with ganache glaze
Chocolate yogurt snack cakes
Devil's Food cupcakes with chocolate-apricot filling
Financiers (plain and with chestnut cream filling)
Football cupcakes
Hazelnut balls (mini hazelnut cakes with mocha buttercream)
Hazelnut financiers
Hot chocolate cake
Low-fat and vegan (super-easy) chocolate cupcakes
Marble cupcakes
Matcha financiers (with white or milk chocolate filling)
Mini chocolate bundt cakes for two
Mini chocolate-hazelnut cheesecakes
Mini oreo sprinkle birthday cakes
Mini roll cake with Nutella filling
Mini yellow buttermilk cupcakes with chocolate buttercream
Molten chocolate cake
Molten fudge cakes for two
Ninjago cupcakes (yellow cucpakes with buttercream frosting)
Owl cupcakes
Peanut butter-filled chocolate cupcakes
Petit Fours
Pinata cupcakes
Pistachio financiers
Red velvet-chocolate chip cupcakes (also here)
Simple strawberry shortcakes
Spongy honey bundt cakes (with toasted walnuts or chocolate chips)
Tri-color cookie cupcake bites
Ultimate chocolate cupcakes
Valentine's day cupcakes

Vanilla bean cupcakes with buttercream frosting
Vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting
Whipped cream cakes (with berries and cream)
Whoopie pies with peanut butter filling

Bars, Breads, Donuts, Muffins, Scones
Almond bread

Almond buns (small-batch almond paste filled cinnamon rolls)
Almond scones
American loaf bread (white sandwich bread)
Baked banana-chocolate chip donuts
Baked chocolate chip donuts with chocolate glaze
Baked chocolate chocolate-chip donuts (with glaze options)
Bakery style double chocolate muffins
Banana bread with chocolate
Banana bread with toasted walnuts
Banana chocolate-chip chiffon muffins
Banana chocolate swirl muffins
Banana espresso chocolate chip muffins
Banana muffins

Basic whole wheat bread
Beignets (with chocolate dipping sauce)
Blueberry-banana muffins
Blueberry-lemon muffins
Blueberry muffins with orange zest
Blueberry oat muffins
Brioche loaf
Brioche Veneziana
Brown butter doughnuts with chocolate glaze
Chocolate and almond paste babka
Chocolate cake donut holes
Chocolate chip-almond muffins
Chocolate chip brioche pretzels
Chocolate chip muffins
Chocolate chocolate-chip muffins
Chocolate chunk blondie bars
Chocolate chunk muffins
Chocolate-lemon scones
Chocolate mint bars
Chocolate rice crispy treats
Cinnamon rolls, 2.0 (larger batch recipe)
Cinnamon rolls with chestnut cream and chocolate
Coffee cake muffins (with filling)
Coffee cake muffins (small-batch)
Cream scones 
Devon (British-style) scones
Double chocolate banana bread
Double-chocolate muffins with mini chocolate chips
Easy bagel recipe
Easy English muffin recipe
Easy sandwich bread
English muffin loaf bread
Fortnum & Mason's scone recipe
Fruity Pebbles marshmallow treats
Honey corn muffins
Jordan Marsh's blueberry muffins
Leftover oatmeal muffins
Lemon bars
Millionaire's shortbread
Mini monkey bread
Multigrain bread
Nutella-hazelnut cinnamon rolls
Nutty cereal bars
Olive oil muffins
Orange-dark chocolate-vanilla bean scones
Orange-hazelnut muffins
Orange muffins with bittersweet chocolate chunks
Peanut butter cinnamon rolls
Peanut butter crispy bars
Peanut butter granola bars
Pistachio, orange, and chocolate muffins
Raspberry oatmeal bars
Revel bars (oatmeal-fudge cookie bars)
Small-batch blueberry scones
Small-batch orange-dark chocolate cinnamon rolls
Spelt muffins
Super-streusel muffins
Sweet potato-chocolate chunk muffins
Walnut sticky buns (smal-batch)
Whole wheat banana wheat germ muffins with chocolate chips
Yeasted coffee cake

America's Test Kitchen's recipe for chewy brownies
Belgian brownies
Brownie cake with ganache frosting
Brownie ice cream cake
Brownies from Baked
Brownie taste test (cocoa vs. unsweetened chocolate)
Chocolate peanut butter brownies
Cocoa brownies
Double chocolate brownies
Fat Witch brownies

Fran's truffle brownies
Halloween peppermint brownies
Mini skillet brownie sundae
Peppermint brownies topped with candy cane and dark chocolate drizzle
Scharffen Berger brownies
Warm individual brownies with ice cream

Almond and hazelnut dacquoise
Almond biscotti
Almond-butterscotch tuiles (with dark chocolate)

Almond crescents
Almond macaroons

Almond-orange (chocolate) cloud cookies
Almond-orange shortbread
Almond Roca shortbread
Amaretti cookies
Amaretti crisps
Banana bread cookies

Best healthy chocolate chip cookies
Biscuit sandwich cookies with chocolate fudge filling
Brown butter chocolate chip (hazelnut) cookies
Brownie cookies
Butter cookies (funfetti and chocolate chip)
Checkerboard icebox cookies
Cherry-almond cookies

Chinese almond cookies
Chocolate amaretti cookies
Chocolate Andes mint cookies
Chocolate-chestnut thumbprints
Chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate chip cookies inspired by DoubleTree

Chocolate chip shortbread cookies
Chocolate cookies with white and semisweet chocolate chunks
Chocolate crackles
Chocolate cutout cookies
Chocolate-hazelnut biscotti

Chocolate-orange crinkles
Chocolate peppermint-chip cookies

Chocolate peppermint sugar cookies
Chocolate rugelach
Chocolate sugar cookies
Chocolate thumbprints with peppermint ganache
Cook's Illustrated's chocolate chip cookies
Cornflake oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
Crackly, chewy double chocolate cookies
Danish butter cookies
Double chocolate cookies
Double-chocolate espresso bean cookies
Double chocolate oatmeal cookies
Double chocolate Toblerone cookies
Easy chocolate hazelnut cookies
Flat & chewy dark chocolate chip cookies
Flour's chocolate chunk cookies
Fudge oatmeal cookies
Flourless chocolate almond butter cookies
Flourless chocolate cookies

Gingerbread biscotti with hazelnuts
Gingerbread men (and "Sugarbread" men)

Granola chocolate chip cookies
Hazelnut biscotti
Hazelnut shortbread cookies
Hazelnut-toffee chocolate chip cookies

Healthy and easy banana oat "cookies"
Homemade oreo cookies
Honey oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips and walnuts
Honey-wheat cookies

Intense orange-chocolate-almond cookies
Italian almond cookies (Sicilian style)
Italian almond star cookies
Italian-American butter cookies
Jacques Torres' chocolate chip cookies

Jamie Oliver's chocolate malt cookies
Jammy Dodgers (shortbread sandwich biscuits)
Lace cookies

Langues de chat (Cat's Tongue cookies)
Lemon-almond biscotti

Lemon curd biscuits
Levain Bakery style chocolate chip walnut cookies
Levain Bakery style dark chocolate peanut butter chip cookies
Malted milk chocolate cookies
Milk chocolate hazelnut cookies
Mocha meringues with cocoa nibs
Monster cookies (and "Mini Monsters")

Mrs. Fields chocolate chip cookies
Nutella-hazelnut crinkle cookies
Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
Oatmeal crisps

Olive oil chocolate chip cookies
One-bowl oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (made with oil)
Ovenly's peanut butter cookies, with chocolate
Ovenly's (vegan) chocolate chip cookies 
Palmiers with orange zest
Peanut butter cookies
Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies
Peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies
Peanut butter-dark chocolate thumbprints
Peanut butter milk chocolate chunk cookies

Peanut butter sandwich cookies
Pignoli cookies
Pistachio-orange biscotti

Pistachio-orange biscotti bites (one-bake)
Pistachio tuiles
"Punishment" cookies (butter cookies)

Red velvet crackle cookies
Salty oat cookies with chocolate chips
"Smart" cookie (oatmeal chocolate chip-"smarties" cookies)
Soft and chewy chocolate gingerbread cookies

Soft and chewy chocolate molasses cookies
Soft chocolate frosted cookies
Spelt chocolate chip cookies (with walnuts and sea salt)
Spiderweb tuiles
Sugar cookie cutouts with royal icing (also herein doily or lace pattern; heart-shape; and decorated with chocolate)
Tate's (crispy) chocolate chip cookies
Thin, crisp chocolate chip cookies
Tri-color cookies
Tuile "cigarettes"
Two-bite brownie bite cookies

Valentine "Kisses"
Viennese sablés
Whole wheat chocolate chip cookies
World peace cookies

Zucchini bread cookies

Almond macarons with chocolate-hazelnut ganache filling (Italian method)

Chocolate macarons with ganache filling
Chocolate-hazelnut macarons with gianduja ganache filling
Coffee macarons with ganache filling

Hazelnut macarons with gianduja ganache filling

Macarons with mint chocolate ganache
Pistachio macarons with ganache filling

Vanilla bean macarons with ganache filling
Violet macarons (from Le Cordon Bleu class; no recipe)

Custards, Fillings, Puddings, Soufflés 
Banana pudding parfaits

Berry pretty raspberry soufflés
Chestnut pudding
Chocolate-amaretto crème brûlée
Chocolate banana pudding 
Chocolate crème caramel
Chocolate grand marnier soufflé
Chocolate panna cotta
Chocolate pastry cream
Chocolate pot de crème
Chocolate pudding

Chocolate pudding pie parfaits
Chocolate soufflé with orange crème anglaise (and with pistachio ice cream)

Coconut tapioca pudding
Coffee crème brûlée
Egg custard

Everyday chocolate pudding
French chocolate mousse

Green tea crème brûlée
Individual tiramisu
La Grenouille's Grand Marnier soufflé
Lemon custard cakes
Instant chocolate mousse
Lemon soufflé

Orange-chocolate chip brioche bread pudding (for two)
Orange crème anglaise

Orange soufflé
Pastry cream
Pear clafoutis
Raspberry soufflé
Ricotta pudding with chocolate and pistachios
Sweet potato soufflé
Triple chocolate mousse parfait
Vanilla crème brûlée

Pies, Tarts, and Crisps
Apple-frangipane galette

Atlantic Beach tart (lemon tart with saltine cracker crust)
Banana tarte tatin
Berry crisp for one
Blueberry and raspberry tart
Blueberry crostatas (with one-ingredient crostata crust)
Brownie pie
Cantonese egg tarts
Cashew Tassies
Chocolate ganache custard tart

Chocolate pudding pie
Chocolate silk pie
Galette dough
Ice cream pie
Individual apple and pear crisps
Lemon tart
Lighter chocolate pudding pie

Meyer lemon tartlets
Mini chocolate ganache tart
Mini chocolate pudding pie with Nilla wafer crust
Mini fruit tarts

Mini lemon phyllo cups
Mont Blanc chestnut tartlets
Pastry cream
Pie crust
Pumpkin pie
Tart shell


3-ingredient banana pancakes
Almond (and chocolate-almond) croissants
Almond paste waffles
Baked egg-in-a-hole with multigrain bread
Basic baked eggs
Berry compote with Belgian waffles
Chestnut croissants
Chocolate chocolate-chip pancakes
Chocolate Dutch baby pancake
Chocolate oatmeal
Chocolate waffles
Classic buttermilk pancakes
Classic pancakes
Cornmeal griddle cakes (pancakes)

Crème brûlée French toast
Diner-style buttermilk pancakes
Dutch baby pancake

Easy chocolate-almond croissants
Easy strawberry jam
Egg and toast cups
French toast with an orange twist
Grits for breakfast (no recipe)
Korean-style filled whole wheat pancakes
Light and fluffy whole wheat buttermilk pancakes
Liège waffles
Mango-yogurt parfait
Multigrain pancakes
Norwegian-style thin pancakes
Nutella-banana stuffed French toast
Nutella oat pancakes
Oven-baked individual French toasts
Oven-baked skillet pancake
Peanut butter-stuffed French toast

Ricotta pancakes with blueberry compote
Rosa Parks' "featherlite" peanut butter pancakes
Smoked salmon eggs "Benedict"
Sour cream pancakes
Sweet potato pancakes
Super soft buttermilk pancakes

Tender pancakes with a secret ingredient
Toast with sweetened condensed milk

Toasted almond French toast
Toasted steel-cut oatmeal with brûléed bananas (and overnight "restaurant-style" steel-cut oatmeal)
Waffles (Light & Crisp Buttermilk Waffles and taste-test of 6 recipes)

Asian Desserts
Cantonese egg tarts
Chilled red bean dessert soup
Chinese glutinous rice ball dessert soup
Japanese sweet potato wagashi
Mango pudding
Mango sago dessert
Red bean pudding cakes
Sweet potato dessert soup
Taro tapioca dessert

Vietnamese corn, coconut, and tapioca dessert soup (Che Bap)

Candies, Confections
Brigadeiros (birthday bonbons)

Candied almonds
Chocolate candy "cakes"
Chocolate-covered almond pralines
Chocolate crunch bars
Chocolate dipped pretzels

Chocolate-hazelnut cups
Chocolate hazelnut toffee
Chocolate mint crunch bars
Chocolate truffles with Grand Marnier (and plain)

Holiday snack mix
Homemade peanut butter cups
Hazelnut truffles
Peppermint fudge
Rice Krispies Easter eggs
Toffee with chocolate and nuts

Vanilla cashew clusters

Barcelona hot chocolate
Bubble tea

Chocolate banana smoothie
Chocolate egg cream
Frrrozen hot chocolate
Homemade mocha frappucino®
Hot chocolate affogato
Hot cocoa
Parisian hot chocolate

Ice cream and other frozen treats
3-ingredient mango-coconut sorbet
Affogato float
Affogato with chocolate gelato (and amaretto)
Amaretti and ice cream parfait

Baked Alaska
Banana "ice cream"

Chestnut ice cream
Chocolate-amaretto gelato
Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream
Chocolate-coffee (or any flavor) ice cream cake
Chocolate fudge brownie ice cream
Chocolate gelato
Chocolate hazelnut-praline gelato
Chocolate pavlovas with ice cream
Chocolate pudding pops
Chocolate sorbet
Coconut milk ice cream with sesame wonton crisps
Coffee chocolate chip ice cream
Fudge pops
Homemade chocolate ice cream (no machine)

Homemade vanilla ice cream with chocolate bits (no machine)

Ice cream "cake"
Ice cream sandwiches
Ice cream tacos
Lemon popsicles
Lemonade granita/Frozen lemonade

Lighter chocolate popsicles

Mint chocolate chip gelato
Oreo mint-chocolate-chip ice cream cake
Philadelphia-style (no egg) vanilla ice cream (with strawberry jam swirl)
Pistachio ice cream, with chocolate soufflé
Red bean popsicles
Tartufo and ice cream pops
Thin Mint Ice Cream
Three layer brownie (mint) ice cream cake
"Treasure Island" (Brownie) Sundae
Vanilla fudge ripple ice cream
Vietnamese coffee ice cream
Vietnamese coffee popsicles
Watermelon granita

Toppings, Frostings

Almond-flavored whipped cream
Chocolate ganache frosting

Ghirardelli's hot fudge sauce
Homemade crème fraîche
Lighter bittersweet chocolate sauce

Other Desserts, Pastries
Bananas foster
Caramelized banana split
Caramelized figs with ice cream
Chocolate and chocolate-hazelnut wontons
Chocolate crepes
Chocolate eclairs
Chocolate profiteroles with vanilla fudge ripple ice cream
Churros with vanilla-sugar and chocolate sauce
Crepes (for sweet and savory fillings)
Crepes for two (or maybe three)
Easy mille-feuille with strawberries and cream
Easy puff pastry ("rough puff")
Grilled chocolate sandwich
Napoleon with raspberries and chocolate pudding
Nigella's cappuccino pavlova
Oatmeal crepes
Profiteroles and Cream Puffs
Simple s'mores dip
Sparkling (wine) gelatin



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