Hello and thanks for visiting my blog, Playing with Flour, where I journal some of the sweet (and a few savory) results of my time in the kitchen.
My name is Monica and I'm a stay-at-home mom.  Born in Hong Kong, largely bred in Brooklyn, NY, and now living in New Jersey, I have always had a passion for food to the point where most of my childhood memories revolve around food in some way.   I grew up in a family where we’d think about what was for lunch and dinner before we even finished breakfast.  Though I'm a pro when it comes to eating, I am a complete amateur baker/cook (my educational background being in finance).  And while I love food of all kinds, I've really grown to adore baking in recent years because it's therapeutic, simple, and easy - not to mention my son and husband love it.  It's amazing what delicious goodies we can make with just a handful of ingredients in a short period of time!  Plus, it gives me a chance to play with chocolate (my favorite thing)! 

I love to watch cooking shows, read cookbooks and cooking magazines, and scour the Internet for recipes to try at home.  Here is where I'll document some of those experiments - both good and bad. 

Thanks to my wonderful husband and son, who are the ultimate taste-testers and cheerleaders, I get to play in the kitchen and watch these simple treats become special moments.


You can reach me at:  playingwithflour@gmail.com


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