June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day 2012!

June is a busy month, filled with celebration!  One of the most important days of the month is Father's Day (it's also our little guy's birthday - more on that soon).  So I want to wish all the terrific dads out there a wonderful day.  In particular, I send a gigantic "Thank You!" to my husband, who is the best dad a little boy can hope for.  Thank you for all your hard work, for your enduring patience, positive outlook, and general can-do attitude!
I hope you have fun plans in store for your day.  We're going to start with a brunch in the city and cap the day off with a combination Father's Day/7th birthday dinner at home.  Dessert - including a cake - is bound to make its appearance before the day is out.
I don't know about you but as I get older, there are fewer and fewer material things I want.  My husband's never wanted much so he's very difficult to shop for.  So for the most part, I do what I do best - cook and bake.  He requested a couple of treats, including the tri-color cookies you see in the pictures.  They're one of his favorites...and mine too.  And in true Father's Day spirit, I am positive that he will share the majority of his treat with his now 7-year old son (who is also a big fan of these and is known to say "I love you, cookie" as he devours them).
Have a great Father's Day!

I've been feeling crafty lately!  Alright...so printing out some flags to attach onto toothpicks may not be the height of craftiness but it's a start.  It got me thinking about how much I used to like crafting when I was a kid - only we didn't have a name for it then. 

One of the things a childhood friend of mine and I used to do a lot was come up with ideas for starting a new club.  We'd make membership cards and books. I remember spending hours cutting, drawing, decorating and sticking, then feeling so proud when I looked at the finished products.  This reminds me to find more occasion to craft and make something because I really enjoy it. 

I downloaded the "Happy Father's Day" flag banners and the adorable card from The Catch My Party Blog, which I stumbled upon while searching for printable Father's Day flags.  I think my husband will get a kick out of it and I think it's nice to do a little something extra to show someone you're thinking about them.

Happy Father's Day!

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