December 30, 2012

A few words before a New Year...

I hope you've been enjoying a little holiday break this week.  I want to wish you all the best for the New Year.  I hope you are surrounded by love, happiness, peace, security, and good health right now and into 2013.
I have to say that I live in the real world but this is not a space I use for life discussions.  This is largely my "imaginary space" where the only problem we deal with is deciding what to have for dessert, and I'd largely like to keep it that way.  All the same, it's hard to entirely keep out the real world and as a mom of a second grader, my thoughts are often on the tragedy that occured in Newtown, Connecticut.  There are no adequate words, and my thoughts are with the people who are dealing with a type of suffering that I can barely fathom.  I think of the victims and wish strength for their family and friends who face this unimaginably difficult time.  I also think of love and how important it is to bask in it and shine it.

I look for the grace to be able to appreciate my life and the beauty around me every day.  I hope for peace and serenity and a world where children are always safe and we can all live together in not only tolerance, but friendship.
See you back here soon.

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