June 19, 2011

On Father's Day...

Happy Father's Day to my husband!!  You are the best dad I've ever known.
My own father passed long ago when I was a small child but I get to look on with admiration at my husband, who is the best dad a kid could ask for.  This is not about clichés or making things sound good on paper for others to read.  My husband is a wonderful dad who is dedicated to our son (that lucky kid!) and has the patience of a saint when it comes to that child.  I think he makes me look bad in comparison but it inspires me to be a better parent.  But seriously, I don't know where his patience comes from!

My husband essentially spends all his free time with our son.  The man does not get many breaks and insists he doesn't need one.  All I can say is thank goodness the little guy's bedtime is around 8pm!  When he's home from work, you'll find my husband in the playroom with our son or they'll be out doing something together or just talking about this or that (well, mostly about cars - their shared interest).  He takes the time to really talk and explain things to the little one.  If my husband dares to leave for a bathroom break, he'll hear a loud voice shout "Daddy!  Come down!" before he's even reached upstairs.  He doesn't even get much privacy to take a shower.  Our son will repeatedly ask how many more minutes it'll be before daddy's done and has been known to barge right on in there with some question or something to say.  And daddy welcomes him.  It doesn't stress him out and he'll tell me how much he loves spending time with the little guy and how "he's so cute!"

And instead of going home and catching a short break, my husband will hustle over to the baseball field after work to catch the last minutes of Jalen's T-ball game.  Rather than take a break on his own once in a while, he says he'd rather hang out with his little guy.  Even after spending the entire day together, he will stay for "just a few more minutes" in our son's room at bedtime to talk some more.  I'm pretty much redundant during the weekends. 

It's all really sweet and I don't really need Father's Day to remind me how lucky Jalen and I both are.  I always joke to my husband that he is an even better dad than he is a husband.  It's actually a big compliment.
It's not a celebration without some sort of cake.  We love the flourless chocolate cake..
So here's to all wonderful dads out there!  I know you deserve as much appreciation as us moms.  Keep up the good work because we all know how important dads are to a kid's life. 

And to mark this Father's Day occasion, we celebrated the best way I know how - with food, of course!  As you can see from the photos, we had a nice relaxing breakfast at home on Father's Day morning: some french toast and banana bread with chocolate (a new family fave).  For dinner the night before, I made one of my husband's favorites, seafood risotto, along with tomato & basil bruschetta - an appetizer I make all the time.  I do cook lots of "regular" food!  For something sweet, we had another of his favorites, flourless chocolate cake (this time with a little lemon zest).  And since we love to eat out, we're heading to a local Italian restaurant on Sunday night for dinner...the one with that panna cotta.

Happy Father's Day!!

Here are some of the Father's Day treats prepared and ready to go the day before:

Just a quick note on the flourless chocolate cake.  In my original post, you saw the cake sliced before it completely cooled - I was too eager to take the picture and eat it!  As you can see in the comparison below, given the time to cool, the cake sets up much more neatly and slices a lot easier.  Either way, it tastes great.  Personally, I don't mind my flourless chocolate cake a little gooey so I try not to overbake it and we're ready to eat it as soon as possible.  But if you want a cleaner presentation, make sure that after baking fully, you allow it to cool thoroughly.  It will be easier to slice and look more "presentable". 
And having this nice relaxing Sunday morning breakfast on Father's Day reminds me we need to do it more often.  It's so relaxing to linger in the morning and chat.  

Here's the seafood risotto with saffron we had last night.  It is quite tasty!  I think I'll post some of my favorite savory dishes soon... 

Again, Happy Father's Day for all you cool dads out there!  And most especially, to my hubby!
The little guy was bursting with excitement to wish Dad a Happy Father's Day first thing this morning.  He was eager to present Daddy with the painting and a handmade card.


  1. Yup. That’s the little bro I know. Once I had a fight with him many years ago, I tried to find some faults on him to criticize on, I couldn’t find any so I gave up. :-)

  2. I don't think my sister could say the same about me. : )



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